VFX Consulting

Do you have a story or vision that you just don't know how to film?  Let our Visual Effects Supervisor help you plan your next big film!

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VFX Production

Do you have shots that you don't know how you're doing to shoot?  From Greenscreen to CGI Assets, our VFX Artists can help on set!

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VFX Post Production

Do you have shots in the can, but don't know how to bring them to life on the screen?  Our team of VFX Artists can help with that!

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Students Helping

From Pre to Post, our team of Visual Effects Artists can help you bring your vision to every frame.  Our goal is to help filmmakers bring their stories to life.

We're an educational collaboration dedicated to helping up and coming filmmakers with their projects.  From student shorts, to low budget features, our team is ready to help tell your story.

As a non-profit, donation-based organization, we value the educational process of filmmaking.  Collaboration with Fauxtoreality helps our up and coming VFX and Filmmaking artists (who happen to be students) put into practice the skills and techniques learned in the classroom, which in turn will help you create your masterpiece.

From international features to local shorts, Fauxtoreality students have experience and the mentorship to help you.  Let by VFX Artist Thomas Brecheisen, Professor of Cinema at MWSU, we're ready to start helping you.




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Fauxtoreality is ready to start working with you.  Feel free to contact us at any time...